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Bard's Arrow Feather

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    An azure arrow fletching that has neither faded nor splintered with the passage of time. The sound of running water seems to linger around it.



An azure arrow fletching that has survived the test of time.
The fletching seems to produce a tune as the arrow flies through air.

The harpist of the troupe was also a skilled archer.
Legend has it that he could lure the birds in the sky with his harp and then shoot them down with his arrows.
It is said that he never looked at the sky while he was playing the harp to lure the birds.
Some believed the reason was his harpist's arrogance, while his companion said it was his hunter's mercy.

The ill-fated birds became the fletching of the harpist's arrows,and the sound of the harp became the birds' elegy.