Champion Glider


  • Star Rank: 4 ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
  • Alternative Names: None
  • Title: Outrider
  • Organization / Circle: Knights of Favonius
  • Origin: Mondstadt
  • Constellation: Lepus
  • Vision / Element: Pyro / Fire
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Primary Attribute: ATK (%)


  • Gender: ♀ female
  • Birthday: 24. August
  • Bodytype: Teen
  • Voice Actor Japanese: 石见舞菜香 / Iwami Manaka
  • Voice Actor Chinese: 牛奶君 / Niunai Jun
  • Voice Actor English: Kelly Baskin


A perky, straightforward girl, who is also the only Outrider of the Knights of Fayonius.
Her amazing mastery of the glider has made her a three-time winner of the Gliding Champion in Mondstadt.
As a rising star within the Knights of Favonius, Amber is always ready for any challenging tasks.

InGame Description

Always energetic and full of life, Amber's the best — albeit only — Outrider of the Knights of Favonius.


  • Ranged attacker.
  • Baron Bunny will lure away enemy aggro towards it, and then explode for Pyro DMG at the end of its duration.
  • Every Arrow Finds Its Target is an AoE DMG ultimate.


  • Early game character
  • Puzzle trigger (Baron Bunny)
  • Distraction (Baron Bunny)
  • AoE damage ultimate

Last Feature

Amber is a beginner character and will be unlocked at the beginning of the story.

Character details

Amber is an Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. In an age where Outriders are becoming obsolete, she continues on with her responsibilities.
It takes a newcomer only a few days to feel right at home with this passionate girl.
Whether it's before the Good Hunter's signboard, the banks of Cider Lake, or the tree tops at Windrise, one can find traces of this vigilant Outrider in red anywhere. 
Once spotted by her, no suspicious individual can ever escape her interrogation.

Character Story 1

From a young age, Amber has always had boundless energy and a positive outlook on life.
Each day, she burns with a fiery enthusiasm that sees her go about her life like a whirlwind, smashing through any obstacle that stands in her way.
At times, however, her excessive energy can make her quite the troublemaker.
Needless to say, she was quite a handful when she was young. Her infamous deeds include accidentally dropping a bird's nest on her grandpa's head while trying to steal the eggs from it and setting a Dendro slime's leaves on fire, causing it to scurry about like a wild animal. These minor offenses gained her some notoriety among hunters' camps.
Somehow, Amber was always able to escape the scene of the crime whenever she caused an incident, and not even a veteran outrider could catch up with her. Invariably, it was Amber's grandpa who ended up on damage control duty each time his granddaughter's misbehavior caused yet another incident.
To Amber, her grandpa's silent, unconditional love was like a warm breeze that wrapped around her like a blanket. She knew that it was because of this love that he accepted her and took responsibility for her deeds, and she embraced it silently.
But it was only on the day that her grandpa resigned from the Knights of Favonius that she finally understood the full extent of the responsibility he had borne all those years.

Character Story 2

Amber's grandpa was once the leader of a mercenary group. He came from Liyue Harbor and was tasked with protecting merchant caravans as they traversed Teyvat. One day, on a routine escort job, the caravan fell prey to a savage monster attack; he was the only survivor, saved by a doctor from the Knights of Favonius.
Too ashamed to return home and anxious to repay the debt, Amber's grandpa joined the Knights of Favonius.
Before long, he single-handedly founded the Outriders, trained each one of them personally, and began leading them on missions.
It also wasn't long before he found love in the foreign land of Mondstadt and founded a family.
Years later, Amber was born into that family. During the day, she would crouch by the window and secretly watch him training the outriders; at night, she would sneak into the yard and practice the moves he had taught that day.
Amber's grandpa was touched by her enthusiasm, and decided to teach her everything he knew.
"When Mondstadt accepted me, it became my homeland. Then, I decided to watch over this new home of mine. Maybe one day, you will inherit this responsibility... Hah, but then, who knows what the future holds?"
As the coarse skin of her grandpa's palm rubbed against her head, a bewildered but earnest Amber nodded energetically in response.

Character Story 3

Something happened one day four years ago that profoundly changed Amber.
That day, her grandpa left his coat of arms and sword in his office and simply disappeared, leaving no note and telling no-one he was leaving.
He had been the beating heart and the backbone of the Outrider division, and without his leadership they rapidly became undisciplined and lost their edge.
A few failed operations later, the Outrider division was facing obsoletion. In the end, it was preserved as a part of the Knights' organization, but in name only. Experienced members either transferred to another detachment or resigned, and so few outriders stayed that they simply did not have enough people to fulfil their daily patrol duties.
On top of this, rumors that Amber's grandpa had defected made recovery even more difficult for the struggling Outrider division.
Amber personally experienced this entire episode, having just been admitted to the Outriders before it all began. With the decline of her squad, she experienced true loss and disappointment for the first time in her life. No longer her carefree former self, she was filled with a new determination: She was going to grow up and become a true outrider as quickly as possible, no matter what it took.
She had never made an actual plan before, and lacked the maturity to know where to start. But what she did have was confidence and courage — and lots of it.
She wanted to show she had inherited her grandpa's determination, and she wanted to find out where he had gone.
But more importantly, she wanted to inherit her grandpa's former role and become a loyal protector of her homeland.

Character Story 4

Life in the Knights of Favonius was not easy for Amber in the beginning.
Being as young as she was and having just lived through the trauma of losing her grandpa, the senior knights made a point of taking special care of her.
However, for a girl as desperate to excel as she was, being taken care of by others implied that she wasn't yet mature enough to stand on her own two feet.
Accordingly, she voraciously sought out extra responsibilities and made this as visible as possible to her seniors.
Finally, during an intense engagement with some monsters, the seniors noticed her bravery and resourcefulness in the heat of battle.
That was the moment when they realized that their little girl was growing up.
As she matured, she also became more at ease with herself. Whatever feedback she met with, be it praise, rebuke, silence or taunting, her response was always the same.
"For sure, I may still have a way to go before I catch up with my seniors. But one day, I'm gonna be the best Outrider ever!"
Amber is not prone to too much deliberation, preferring instead to speak her mind, truthfully and frankly, at every occasion.
She firmly believes that she will not disappoint her grandpa.

Character Story 5

Today, Amber is still the firecracker she always was, burning with endless passion and energy.
Now that she's all grown up, Amber holds firm to her grandpa's teachings as she spreads her Wind Glider's wings and watches over the City of Freedom with the eye of an eagle and the cautious cunning of a bunny rabbit.
The "Crimson Knight" is known throughout Mondstadt.
The people are delighted to see the mischievous little girl they remember growing up to be a guardian they can rely on.
"Never fear, Outrider Amber is here!"
Her self-confidence is simply unshakable:
"I am Outrider Amber, the one and only outrider — which makes me the best one out there!"

Amber's Journal

Amber doesn't make writing a daily diary a habit, only electing to write special or memorable events down in her journal.
"I finally caught that magical bird! It's called a Rami...something. I don't remember. But I've been chasing it for three days, and I've only been able to sit down for a proper meal today. That magical bird was a really cunning one, burrowing in the thick forest like that. Good thing I didn't give up! Best of all, Master Jean gave me special permission to pluck a feather plume from it as my reward. Hehe, I'll wear it at my side every single day!"
"I'm sure I followed the cookbook to the letter and grilled the meat for six minutes. But while the outside is charred, the inside isn't cooked yet... Did I not control the heat properly? But I really am hungry, so I'll just have to try again tomorrow. One day, I'll make the best steak, and I'll call it... the Outrider's Champion Steak!"
"I met a strange outlander today. I was suspicious at first, but as it turns out, this outlander is both reliable and capable. Ugh, come to think of it, what would I do if an enemy that strong showed up? ...I musn't fall behind. I must train harder!"


Amber once believed that if she took on her grandpa's post, she would understand why he left Mondstadt.
However, even when she officially became an Outrider, she was no closer to unraveling the mystery behind his wordless departure.
Her grandpa had left nothing for her to find either, indicating that she would have to forge her own path.
Amber floundered for a while, until she flipped through an old book of fables that she would eventually come to treasure.
"What you lacked was not wind, but courage. It is courage that has allowed you to become the first flying birds of this world."
Amber realized that she shouldn't wait for directions from someone else, but that she should be like those courageous birds that spread their wings and flew into the blue skies.
"There must be something that only I can do. There must be."
The moment she realized this, a Vision began to shine brightly at her hip.

Trivia & Additional Info


Normal Attack: Marksmanship

Normal Attack
Perform up to 5 consecutive shots with a bow.

Charged Attack
Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, flames will accumulate on the arrow head. A fully charged flaming arrow will deal Pyro DMG.

Plunging Attack
Fired off a shower or arrow in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.


Explosive Puppet

The ever-reliable Baron Bunny Takes the stage.

Baron Bunny

  • Continuously taunts the enemy, drawing their fire.
  • Baron Bunny's HP scales with Amber's Max HP.
  • When destroyed or when its timer expires, Baron Bunny explodes, dealing AOE Pyro DMG.

Adjusts the throwing direction of Barron Bunny. The longer the button is held, the further the throw.

Baron Bunny hails from a storied lineage, but Amber has stopped keeping count since Baron Bunny the 893rd.


Fiery Rain

Fires off a shower of arrows, dealing continuous AoE Pyro DMG.

Amber's passion truly burns hot.


Every Arrow Finds its Target

Increases the CRIT rate of Fiery Rain by 10% and widens its AoE by 30%.


Precise Shot

Aimed Shot hits on weak spots increase Base ATK by 15% for 10s.


Champion Glider

Decreases all party members' gliding stamina consumption by 20%.


One Arrow To Rule Them All

Constellation Lvl. 1

Fires 2 arrows per Aimed Shot. The second arrow deals 20% of the first arrow's DMG.


Bunny Triggered

Constellation Lvl. 2

Baron Bunny, new and improved! Hitting Baron Bunny's foot with a fully-charged Aimed Shot manually detonates it. Explosion vai manual detonation deals 200% addidtional DMG.


It Burns!

Constellation Lvl. 3

Increases the Level of Fiery Rain by 3.

Maximum upgrade level is 15.


It's Not Just Any Doll...

Constellation Lvl. 4

Decreases Explosive Puppet's CD by 20%. Adds 1 additional charge.


It's Baron Bunny!

Constellation Lvl. 5

Increases the Level of Explosive Puppet by 3.

Maximum upgrade level is 15.



Constellation Lvl. 6

Fiery Rain increases the entire party's Movement SPD by 15% and Base ATK by 15% for 10s.

Ascension Lv 1
Character Lv 20
20.000 Mora

Ascension Lv 2
Character Lv 40
40.000 Mora

Ascension Lv 3
Character Lv 50
60.000 Mora

Ascension Lv 4
Character Lv 60
80.000 Mora

Ascension Lv 5
Character Lv 70
100.000 Mora

Ascension Lv 6
Character Lv 80
120.000 Mora

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