The Project

As a huge fan of miHoYo's Honkai Impact 3rd game, I decided to create this fanpage for their "Genshin Impact" title.

The main goal of this page is a centralized place to get information about the game, artwork, guides and community driven content, but not as chaotic and soulless like some other generic game wikis. The other reason is to run this page add free.

If you got questions or wanna help out use the contact form, join our Discord Server or send us a mail:

This db project has been recognized and is approved by miHoYo Co Ltd.

ToDo List

Some of these depend on legal restrictions, since this is a private project.

  • Guide collection and user guide generation Interface
  • Screenshot of the day/week
  • Theorycraft calculator
  • Wish calculator
  • Login / Commentary / Discussion Board if needed

Interested what has been done so far? Check out our changelog.



This project is running on a dedicated root server. If you like to donate to help us, DM me, Hakto (Hakto#2826)

Software Specs: Open Source CMS TYPO3 

Tech Specs:

  • Ryzen 3700X
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x512 NVMe SSD RAID1
  • 1Gbps connection

Help us, help the community!

If you like to help out as a writer or mod for upcoming news and media, join our Discord and hang out with our community!

If you wonder how this works:

The page is based on the open-source Content Management System TYPO3. You basically got a large editor where you can create, edit and update data. The programming is done by me, Hakto, so you don't have to code or anything, which is a common misconception ;)

What do you need to contribute?

The main language of this project is english, so all editors are required to have good english skills. You should be communcative and kind of passionate for the game, since we do prefer people to help out on the long term!

If you just want to contribute smaller info, just join our Discord Server and post them into the suggestion channel. Thank you!

Our Discord:


A big thanks to all contributors outside so far!

Special thanks to:

Data Send-In: goodc, Marcato, Onyx, Riemr

Server Cost Donation: Zyrusz